Saturday, 28 February 2009

Elevate your soul

Today was a pretty good day. I woke and decided that I would stay in bed, drink tea and read for an hour or so. This, supplemented with cold pizza, was a pleasant experience. By one o'clock I figured I should probably head into town, seeing as I'd promised a colleague I'd pick up a Postman Pat beanie toy for her one year old son. Sadly, Eric Snooks no longer sells the Postman Pat beanie.

When I was out last night with some friends, I heard an interesting morsel of news through the grapevine. It appears Philip Reeve may possibly be writing a prequel to the Mortal Engines quartet. I'm more than a little excited about this prospect. If you haven't read much Philip Reeve, I'd urge you to do so, he is very good (even Here Lies Arthur, which is an odd one for sure). Mortal Engines is one of those great ideas that seems unlikely to work - or even make sense - but is actually extraordinary. Massive cities on gigantic wheels hurling around the continents in a cat-and-mouse game, devouring moving towns who in turn consume villages, all in a desperate attempt to maintain functioning tech and economies. Sounds crazy, right? Good crazy.

Other news is varied. I'm reading a fair bit, but quit recording my reading habits on my Windows Live Space. In fact, I'm attempting to close and clear out my Windows Live account entirely as I'm quite happy with my Google (i.e. Blogger) and Facebook setups. However, still showing MS love as I'm currently running Windows 7 (it's pretty swish - except for an annoying MP3 codec issue with WMP12). Guess I might continue using this blog to reflect on what I'm reading, playing, listening to, etc. It's sees very little use otherwise (*guilty ahem*).

I have actually been thinking about writing again, surprising even myself. However, I'm currently surrounded by a lot of creative types and their relative success stories (including five-digit book deals), which shamefully conjures the cynic in me. Strange, as I'd have thought that I'd be inspired. Evidently I'm lacking substantial resolve. Huh.

Oh, one last comment. I watched a film called Pathfinder this evening. Avoid.

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