Monday, 31 August 2009

Don't get caught alone, oh no...

Okay, so I'm working on a real post. Except I keep running off on tangents. Better that I review it, finish it properly, and then publish it. Or rather, I'll put this up with a title I'd planned for the end of August (which it isn't, despite the post's timestamp), postpone putting up anything half-decent indefinitely, and kick back. Sweetness.

To write about something meaningless, I shall make the obvious redundantly clear (unless you're blind). Firstly, I realised that the colour I'd been using for my background looked hideous on my new monitor. I can't decide on an alternative though, so my blog may be a little split-personality for a while.

Secondly, I've switched up my sidebar a little; no longer am I a tweeter. @dancingcrab still exists, yet all tweets, twoots, twits, twuts, and most definitely tw@ts have been deleted. I had an existweetial dilemma and, as a result, jumped ship. My links have also been revised, mostly bigging up babycrow, but also adding Dead Maids (a friend's band) and Sometimes a Cloud. The latter took some deliberating over: the author, a friend, is an Apple-adoring-junky-head, a personality defect I don't like to encourage. Not that I'm claiming my linking to someone's website here actually has any effect on the world. It doesn't.

To speak of anything more meaningful would invalidate, at least in part, my current work in progress, in turn providing little to witter on about in future. Being content in the knowledge that I've actually updated my blog, no matter how meaninglessly, I can now continue to write meaningfully constructed tangents in order to reinforce the lack of meaninglessness inherent in these particular ramblings, and thus prepare you for the overabundance of meaning forthcoming.

Stuff like that's just fun to write.


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